Paint Your PVC Window Planter Boxes In 5 Easy Steps

Window planter boxes is our way of accentuating our home and enhancing its beauty. But did you know that we can also make our window planter boxes more colorful, attractive, and unique? Yes, we definitely can.

Cellular Composite PVC is one of the most commonly used material for residential and commercial planters today. It looks and feels like an authentic wood but the truth is, there are no wood properties in it. Thus, it would not retain nor attract moisture that causes peeling or cracking in most wooden contemporary planters. So painting a PVC window box would not cause any deterioration on it. Now that it is clear, we can freely paint our PVC window planter boxes and maybe our modern planters made of Cellular Composite PVC, let us go into the step by step process:

1. Choose the right color of paint. Choose an acrylic latex paint that has a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 55 or higher. The darker your color, the more important it is to get paint with a special formulation that provides a higher LRV.

2. Follow the instructions. Painting small or large planters made of Cellular Composite PVC is very simple and easy. So even if paint last longer in PVC because of the absence of moisture in it, just follow the recommendations of the manufacturer to ensure maximum longevity.

3. Clean the Window Planter Boxes. Before painting your outdoor planters, make sure that it is free of foreign material like dirt, oil, or other contaminants from storage, handling, or installation. You may do this effectively by soaking cotton in rubbing alcohol or clean water.

4. Paint Your Commercial Planters Creatively. Typically, you would have to put a primer first to so that your paint will not absorb in the surface of the material. But since PVC does not accept moisture, you can skip the primer. Paint your commercial planters directly and the number of coats is your choice as well.

5. Allow to dry. The paint may take longer to dry because PVC will not absorb it. It may dry quickly but it is not fully done yet. You have to wait up to 10 days for it to cure. It may even be longer in areas that has climates with severe humidity.

The painting process is actually very easy and seem to be fun, right? It can be a good activity for the whole family or with friends. You can be creative and playful in painting your PVC window boxes or PVC modern planters. You may come up with a design that would fit a coming occasion or holiday. Start planning now and have fun doing it.

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